St. Daniel the Prophet

Welcome to St. Daniel the Prophet Parish where we strive to grow together as a community of faith through our common prayer and spirit of hospitality.  We come together in celebration at the liturgy, at numerous social events and in various organizational meetings.  Our parish community is located west of Midway Airport in the City of Chicago.

Our history began shortly after World War II when many young families began to settle in the area now known as Garfield Ridge.  These people came to this new and developing area with many hopes and dreams.  They came seeking new opportunities and with a willingness to work hard to build a community of faith, family, and friendships.  They sought to lay the foundation of a bright future for themselves and for their children.

A group of eager families, with the support of the Archdiocese of Chicago, came together to lay the groundwork for a new parish community that could address their spiritual, social, and physical needs.  In the spring of 1947, St. Daniel the Prophet Parish was established.

For the past sixty-four years St. Daniel the Prophet Church and School has developed to be one of the major anchors of the Garfield Ridge Community.  From its humble beginning in a small wooden church and one hundred fifty families, St Daniel the Prophet has grown into a community of faith that now serves over two thousand six hundred families.

Responding to the needs of the parishioners and the community, St. Daniel the Prophet Parish continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its constituents.  In addition to providing for the spiritual needs of its parishioners, St. Daniel the Prophet Parish offers a variety of ministries, programs and services which benefit the larger community of Garfield Ridge as well.

St. Daniel the Prophet Parish supports a parish school which educates the young people of our community.  Currently there are approximately 650 students enrolled in our grammar school program.  An additional 175 students are enrolled in our Religious Education program.  We also provide a bi-lingual and multi-cultural arts school which meets on Saturday mornings.   We operate a pre-school program for approximately forty four-year old students and an extensive before and after school day care program.

In addition to the above programs, we also provide over fifty various outreach and other service programs to address the needs of our parish and the community at large.

All are welcome to participate in the life of our parish through Liturgy and Sacrament, Human Concern and Outreach to others, and Educational Formation.

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St. Daniel the Prophet
5300 S. Natoma Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638
773- 586-1223

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